Universal 3KG Bearable Load Microphone Holder

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About this item

  • Compatible with many types of microphones: Our professional suspension shock mounts are ideal accessories for condenser microphones with diameters from 47mm to 53mm, such as AT2020/2020USB+/2020USBi/2020 xlrs/2035/2050/2500/2500USB, AKGs P100/ P200 / P120/P420/C3000B, MXL V67g/V67i, NT1A/NT1, Heil PR40, Razers seirens x, Berhiner C-1, ATR 2500 USB, Neumann TLM102, etc.
  • Beautifully designed and well-made: Made of solid metal and high quality elastic. The microphone shock mount adopts a highly flexible surround design to protects the microphone in all directions, making the microphone installation more convenient and preventing the microphone from falling.
  • Adjustability and Flexibility: This mic stand has angle adjustment with locking knob, so you can mount it on all standard mic stands.
  • Anti-Vibration and Noise: This microphone stand can effectively isolate the studio condenser microphone from most physical vibrations, floor and stand noise, it will make your broadcast or singing sound more pleasant.
  • Stable and firm: Stable, tough, affordable and durable. Professional studio shock mount that supports large-diaphragm condenser microphones.












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