Adjustable Clip On Drum Rim Shockproof Mount Microphone Holder

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About this item

  • This drum clamp can be mounted to the rim of most snare and tom drums
  • Adjustable height and swivel design.
  • It is a simple solution for micing these drums without the hassle of floor mounted mic stands.
  • The clamp has some flexible design and 3 groove points that allow it to suit a wide variety of tom and snare drumsand desired mic positions.
  • It is simple and convenient, and microphone adjustment of these drums can be carried out without disturbing the microphone stand.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Randy Grant

All as in the description.
But the plastic does not seem too elastic to me, how long it will not be clear, most likely not very long

Fidel Williamson

ok quality

Lia Hoppe

Not bad, but for light short microphones like sennh. SM 57 do not fit, strongly stick out on the center of the drum, and are heavy, with vibration walking

Dario Adams

They look & feel really great. Plastic is elastic enough so I believe they will last & when broken, I will order new ones - for this price it is just a fantastic deal. Thanks.

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